RAKS’N’ROLL – dancing and fun!
Complete guide to drum solo with drum solo master Jasirah!

Jasirah’s new event idea for learning!
Mixing intensive and detailed drum solo course with fun, integration, meeting people from all around the world, making new friendships in a relaxed atmosphere of visiting the beautiful city of Cracow.

Dates: 23-26 of May 2024
Location: Cracow, Poland


  • 16h of workshops focused on DRUM SOLO skills
  • Traditional Polish dinner with Folk Dance Show
  • Everyday sightseeing with English speaking guide: Visiting Cracow Old Town, Wawel Castle, Jewish district Kazimierz & Salt Mine in Wieliczka


This course includes 16h of learning focused only on Drum Solo skills:

  • understanding Arab rhythms and sounds produced by percussion instruments
  • mapping music for choreography
  • isolation technique
  • coordination combinations
  • many types of shimmy with strengthening exercises
  • technique and purpose of layering
  • pops and locks
  • funny tricks, gestures and working with audience
  • theatrical games to boost your creativity and self-confidence
  • creating choreography all together

The course will end with unique experience of creating drum solo choreography with Jasirah to follow the process of mapping music, creating particular combinations, using knowledge from past 3 days, making one of a kind, unique choreo that will never happen again in the future. 


  • Workshops happening each day 10:00-14:30 (with 30 min break).
  • Each day will start with warm up and finish with cool down/stretching.
  • Each day we will practice theatrical exercises to wake up creativity and boost self-confidence. 

DAY 1 –
“Hear the music like Jasirah”

  • creative exercises for understanding and mapping music
  • theatrical games to wake up your creativity and boost your self-confidence
  • learning rhythms with Jasirah’s unique methods for memorizing similarities and differences between them: baladi, maksoum, saidi, malfuf, ayub, fellahi, masmoudi kabir, chiftetelli, samai – participants will receive cheat sheet with rhythms
  • learning sounds used with drum solo
  • matching sounds and rhythms with correct movements

“Discover all secrets of Jasirah’s technique”

  • theatrical games to boost your creativity and self-confidence
  • isolation rules – Jasirah’s personal technique and unique methods
  • coordination in combinations
  • pops and locks – purpose and technique
  • multiple type of shimmy: hips, chest, full body shimmies, flutter
  • anatomy of movements, strengthening, exercises to improve the size and force

DAY 3 –
“Master more complex combination forms, layering, tricks and playing with the audience”

  • theatrical games to boost your creativity and self-confidence
  • layering – musicality, purpose and technique
  • different forms of layering
  • tricks, funny gestures, acting
  • playing with audience exercises
  • exercises to reveal your charisma


One of a kind, unique experience of creating choreography together using knowledge gathered during the workshops, under Jasirah’s careful supervision. This choreography will be our creation, our child, and will never be repeated or taught in the future. All participants will have the right to perform this choreography on competitions or shows.

  • mapping music
  • creating combos
  • understanding the process of creating choreo
  • Jasirah’s guidance, advices and supervision in creation process

The goal of this class is to not repeat ready choreography, but to use the knowledge and ideas from past days to create new one. Thanks to this project you will see how Jasirah’s process of creating drum solo choreography looks like, what Jasirah’s way of listening to the music, choice of movements and energy through each part of the song is. This choreography will be one of a kind creation, available only for participants of this course.


  • traditional Polish dinner with Polish folk dance show
  • visiting Main Square and Wawel Castle with English speaking guide
  • visiting Jewish district Kazimierz with English speaking guide
  • visiting Salt Mine Wieliczka with English speaking guide